The Bible instructs Christians to pay those who make their living through the ministry of the gospel. We are also instructed to give to those in need and to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Scripture talks about a tithe (1/10th) as the amount of money we give to support these ministries.
For some this instruction can present difficult questions. For example, a relatively young Christian may have significant debt. We also have a biblical obligation to pay our debts. Trying to do everything the Bible instructs related to money at once can be difficult or impossible. Therefore, finacially supporting the church may require a gradual implementation.
You can give online by using the buttons below or give during the worship service. Giving envelopes are available in the front and back foyer at ICBC so that you can track and report your financial contributions to the IRS.
If you are interested in discussing financial issues, please contact one of our pastors.
How To Give Online
  1. Click the donate button below.
  2. Then enter the amount that you would like to give.
  3. Then click the button that says “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”.
  4. Enter your card number and personal information.
*Please know that the information that you enter online (card and personal information) is NOT visable to anyone at ICBC.